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the 9-uF capacitor is connected to the circuit at t = 0. At this time, capacitor voltage is
4 = 17 V. Find v,, V vo iinc and inc for 1>0.
2 kn
4 kn
3 kn
12 kn
9 иF

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QI the 9-uF capacitor is connected to the circuit at t = 0. At this time, capacitor voltage is 4 = 17 V. Find v,, V vo iinc and inc for 1>0. 6kN 2 kn 4 kn 3 kn 12 kn 9 иF


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Step 1

In order to calculate the time constant for the capacitor, calculate the equivalent resistance across the capacitor.

Draw a schematic diagram to calculate the equivalent resistance across the capacitor,


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6ka {12ke Rea 3ta 0.67RA 1RR Rea a lea 12 tr 3 ta 3ka = 0.67 ka 4Re 214 16 2+416-2e

Step 2

Wheatstone’s bridge theorem cannot be applied in figure 2 as it does not satisfy the expression of theorem.

In order to make transformation from figure 2 to figure 3, use delta-star transformation rule,

Write the expression for transformation from the delta to the star refer to the below diagram,


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RAC RAB. RB RBC R4„R10 R43 + R3c + R4c AB RA AB AB R3 R43 + R3c + R4c %3D AB AC Rc R43 + R3c +R4C

Step 3

Now, apply series resistance and parallel resistance formula and...


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ξοΑ 1tη Rea R- (0.67 ΚΩ) + (1 kD +3 kΩ) | (2 kΩ + 12 k) ba -(0.67 Κ )+ (4 kΩ) | (14 ΚΩ) -0.67 kΩ+ 3.11 kΩ =3.78 kΩ


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