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Question 2 Part A and B


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Step 1

Computation of sum of squares Between:

The comparison of three means (ANOVA) is conducted by using EXCEL. The software procedure is given below:

  • Select Data > Data analysis > Anova: Single factor > OK.
  • Enter Input Range as $A$1:$D$6.
  • Click Labels in first row.
  • Select grouped by
  • Enter Alpha as 0.05.
  • Click OK.

The output using EXCEL is as follows


Image Transcriptionclose

Anova: Single Factor SUMMARY Average Variance Groups Count Sum Low-cal 33 6.6 5.3 Low-Fat 5 15 2.5 Low-crab 5 17 3.4 1.3 control 5 6 1.2 2.7 ANOVA F crit Source of Variation df P-value SS MS F Between Groups 75.75 25.25 8.559322 0.001278 3.238872 Within Groups 47.2 16 2.95 Total 122.95 19

Step 2

The sum of square between...

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