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Question 4

For the aqueous [Ag(NH3)2]^+  complex =Kf×1.7107 at 25°C.

Suppose equal volumes of 0.0082M AgNO3 solution and 0.20M 

NH3 solution are mixed. Calculate the equilibrium molarity of aqueous 
Ag+ ion. Round your answer to 2 significant digits.

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Step 1

The molarity for a given solution can be defined as the ratio of number of moles to that of volume of the given solution. Its SI units are moles/L and the formula is as shown below:


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Number of moles (n) Molarity= Volume (L)

Step 2

The concentration of AgNO3 is given to be 0.0082 M.

The concentration of NH3 is given to be 0.20 M.

The volume becomes double and the concentration becomes half when AgNO3 and NH3 are mixed together. Hence, in the mixture:


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0.0082 M [AgNO;- 2 -0.0041M 0.20 M [NH, -0.1M 2

Step 3

The chemical reaction that takes place duri...


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Ag+2NH [Ag(NH,),] K,=1.7x10


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