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Find the direction of the current in the resistor shown in
Figure P20.16 (a) at the instant the switch is closed, (b) after
the switch has been closed for several minutes, and (c) at the
instant the switch is opened.

Figure P20.16

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R Figure P20.16


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Step 1

Explanation for Part a:


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When the switch is closed current starts to grow in the coil and the increasing magnetic field produced by it is directed towards right along the axis of both the coils. To counter the increasing field towards the right through it, the coil containing resistor produces a field in the direction opposing to the direction of the increasing magnetic field that is towards left. Thus, from the right hand thumb rule the direction of the induced current through the resistor is towards left to right. Conclusion: The direction of current induced in the resistor when the switch is closed is from left to right

Step 2

Explanation for...


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After the switch is closed for long time, the current starts to flow through the coil at a steady rate and the magnetic field produced by the steady flow of current is constant and does not change. Since, there is no change in the magnetic field. Induced current is not produced in the loop containing resistor. Conclusion: Induced current is not produced and so not current flows through the resistor.


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