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Rhenium has two naturally occurring isotopes, Re-185 (mass = 184.953 amu) and Re-187 (186.9558 amu). If a sample of rhenium is taken from a planet different from Earth, and is determined to be 62.60% Re-185, and 37.40% Re-187 (the reverse of the percentages found on Earth). What would a periodic table for this other planet show for the atomic mass of rhenium?


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Step 1

The average atomic mass of the substance can be determined by the addition of the masses of each isotope of the substance and each atomic masses of the isotopes will be multiplied by its the percentage of the natural abundance.

Step 2

The expression to calculate the average atomic mass of the rhenium is shown below:

Chemistry homework question answer, step 2, image 1
Step 3

The value of the atomic mass of isotope Re-185 is 184.953 amu.

The value of the atomic mass of isotope Re-187 is 186.9558 amu.

The value of abundance of...

Chemistry homework question answer, step 3, image 1

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