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A 10.0-kg monkey climbs a
uniform ladder with weight w =
1.20 x 102 N and length L =3.00 m
as shown in Figure P8.94. The ladder
rests against the wall at an angle
of θ = 60.0°. The upper and lower
ends of the ladder rest on frictionless
surfaces, with the lower end
fastened to the wall by a horizontal
rope that is frayed and that can support a maximum tension of only 80.0 N. (a) Draw a
force diagram for the ladder. (b) Find the normal force
exerted by the bottom of the ladder. (c) Find the tension
in the rope when the monkey is two-thirds of the way up the
ladder. (d) Find the maximum distance d that the monkey
can climb up the ladder before the rope breaks. (e) If the
horizontal surface were rough and the rope were removed,
how would your analysis of the problem be changed and
what other information would you need to answer parts (c)
and (d)?

Figure P8.94

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Rope Figure P8.94


Expert Answer

Step 1


The free body diagram of a body shows all the forces acting on the body as well as the reaction exerted by the body.

Step 2

Figure.1 shows the free body diagram for the given situation.


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Rw 2L/3 Rf Smooth wall Wm W. Smooth floor Figure 1

Step 3


The normal force acting on the ...


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N;=W +W = mg+W =10.0kg (9.8m/s²) +1.20×10°N =218.0N


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