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Sand is converted to pure silicon in a three step process. The third step is 
SiCl4(g) + 2Mg(s) → 2MgCl(s)  + Si(s)     H  = –625.6 kJ
What is the enthalpy change when 25.0 mol of silicon tetrachloride is converted to elemental silicon?  


Expert Answer

Step 1


SiCl4(g)  + 2Mg(s) → 2MgCl(s)  + Si(s)        ΔH  = –625.6 kJ

Step 2

Calculation for enthalpy change:

From above reaction it is evident that f...


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1 mol SiCl 625.6KJ 25 mol SiCl4 x KJ 25 mol SiCl4 x 625.6 KJ X = 1 mol SiCl x -15640 KJ


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