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 Select an organization of your choice and study the Performance Management Systems of the chosen organization.


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A performance management system is a vital component of the human resource system of the organization. A performance evaluation system is a tool which is used to measure the performance of the individual. This system provides employers the opportunity to assess the employees of the organization. It generally measures the right thing.

The performance of a team can be measured on its internal group dynamics and thus the system encourages performance that is more consistent with a long-range rather than short term issues. Measures of the team performance are such as; the numbers of the cases completed, understandability of the final report of the team. It measures the contribution of the individual to the team. Individual performance can be assessed by the analysis of the skills, behaviors and behavior styles of the individual (Jackson, & Mathis, 2009). The company should use the self-assessment and new methods of performance appraisal to motivate the employees in the organization. The organization would use the MBO for performance management. Performance management systems are particularly helpful if they are efficient in motivating accomplishment of key business objectives, uncomplicated, constantly administered across the company, sustained by merit pay and customized with business traditions.

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AEEs performance management overhaul earlier this year is noteworthy, not just because the company is No. 5 in the world, but because it is formal, once-a-year review ritual had been around for decades. The future of performance management will include more feedback and place a greater emphasis on development. The yank-and-rank component–which resulted in a culling of the bottom 10th percentile–was scrapped around 10 years ago, but the system it was a part of had remained in force. Before the change, AEE managers would meet with employees once a year for fate-determining evaluations.

Under the new system, AEE is still relying heavily on managers, who meet with employees at the end of the year. The difference is that they’ll be guiding employees and coaching them on their path to meeting their goals under a much less rigid framework. AEE is also rolling out an app for delivering more regular feedback. The complete intention of administering performance is to get the correct things done. It is regarding focusing on restricted resources on significant objectives and bringing in line the organization to attain the key objectives.

It is very important to keep in mind the objective is to get the critical stuff get done and it's a group effort involving the administrator and employees. If regular performance evaluations are taking place, then it should be to the point very objective-based and it should try to avoid any kind of annoying and astonishing kind of revelations in a formal yearly assessment process.

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Consistency in implementation is significant to flourishing performance management processes. If one division rates everybody as a star employee and another just gives out a star rating once every few years it will not be possible to get workers to take their work sincerely.

Top management of the company must have that serious obsession for the process and should be concerned with its accomplishment to force evenness. Without consideration from the...

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