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Select the molecules that are polar.


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Step 1

The polar molecules are to be selected.

  1. CH2Cl2
  2. IOF5
  3. CF4
  4. AsF3
Step 2
  • A polar molecule is the one in which the electrons are not equally shared by the bonded atoms. This unequal distribution of electrons leads to the dipole moment in the molecules.


  • Now, when the bonded atoms has difference in their electro negativities, then the more electronegative atom tends to pull the shared electrons more strongly towards itself , thus that bond between the atoms is a polar bond. And if the sum of dipole moment of all the bonds is greater than zero then the molecule is a polar molecule.
Step 3
  1. CH2Cl2-

This molecule has two non-polar bonds C-H and two polar bonds C-Cl. But the geometry of this molecule (tetrahedral) is such that the dipole moments o...


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