Seven Essential Elements of An Effective Compliance Program include:Question 21 options: A-Establishing Compliance Standards of Conduct and Procedures B-Overall Compliance Program Oversight C-Due Care in Delegation of Authority D-Monitoring and Auditing Systems E-All of the Above

Asked Dec 12, 2019

Seven Essential Elements of An Effective Compliance Program include:

Question 21 options:


A-Establishing Compliance Standards of Conduct and Procedures


B-Overall Compliance Program Oversight


C-Due Care in Delegation of Authority


D-Monitoring and Auditing Systems


E-All of the Above


Expert Answer

Step 1

Effective compliance program:

It is a set of internal policies and procedures that helps the organization to comply with rules, laws, and regulations. It helps the organization to adhere to the legal obligations.

Step 2

Determine the correct options:

The seven essential elements for the effective compliance program are standards and procedures, oversight, education and training, monito...

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