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Show the bond polarity for NO2-


Show the bond polarity for NO2-

Step 1

Bond Polarity is the property of shared pair of electrons being closer to one atom than the other in a bond.

Bond polarity occurs when the electron density accumulates towards one end of a bond, causing that end to carry a slight negative charge and the other end a slight positive charge. This occurs because of a difference in electronegativity of the two atoms that share the electrons.

Step 2

The polarity of the bond can be determined by noting the electronegativity difference:

If electronegativity difference of two atoms is between 0.4 to 1.7, then the bond between them is polar.

If the electronegativity difference of two atoms is less than 0.4, then the bond between them is non-polar.

Step 3

The structure of NO2-  is bent and...


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