Simplify a rational expression


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Q: Do u know how to do this

A: In B each side of the each red triangle = 1/2 units So perimeter of one red triangle= 3*1/2= 3/2And ...

Q: at davidson's bike rentals, it cost $15 to rent a bike for 4 hours. how many hours of bike use does ...

A: Given,At Davidson’s bike rentals,The rent cost of the bike for 4 hours = $15.

Q: Use any method to solve the nonlinear system. (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION.) −x2...

A: The given system of nonlinear equations are,

Q: 4y = 7/8

A: Given equation,

Q: A person standing close to the edge on top of a 16-foot building throws a baseball vertically upward...

A:  The quadratic function s(t)=16t2+64+16 models the balls height of baseball above the ground, s(t), ...

Q: A car with good tire tread can stop in less distance than a car with poor tread. The formula for the...

A: Note- Hi there! Thanks for the question. As per our honor code we are authorized to solve only one q...

Q: Write the rational expression in lowest terms. q2-b2 b q

A: The given rational expression is,

Q: Perform the elementary row operation on the given matrix. 2) -R2 R2 2 1 9 11 16 32 20

A: R2 means the second row. We have to multiply it by -1/2 

Q: Estimate the one-sided limits for the function below.  f(x)=(11−x)/(x−8)^2

A: Given:

Q: The length of one leg of a right triangle is 1 m shorter than the other. If the hypotenuse is 5m lon...

A: Given, the length of one leg of a right triangle is 1 m shorter than the other and  the hypotenuse i...

Q: Give a formula for the function illustrated using a vertical shift and reflection of an exponential ...

A: Given,Two points on the graph A=(−1,51) and B=(1,3) and a horizontal line y=1

Q: Calculate the SA/V ratio for a cube with a side measuring 3cm long?

A: The side of the cube is 3cm long, that is a=3 cm

Q: Write the rational expression in lowest terms. 7n2-7n 6n 6

A: The given rational expression is,

Q: Find the slope of a pipe that slopes down 25 inch per foot. Enter a fully reduced fraction. Note: As...

A: To find the slope of a pipe that slopes down 25 inch per foot.

Q: Let X be a normal random variable with μ = 15 and σ = 2. Find the value of the given probability. (R...

A: We find z score of 11.5 and 15.9. z score of 11.5 is -1.75z score of 15.9 is 0.45

Q: s that the matrix has ones along the main diagonal, and zeros below the ones. 2 x 2 System 3 x 3 Sys...

A: A matrix is said to be in row echelon form when it satisfies the following conditions.

Q: Find the present value that will grow to $7000 if the annual interest rate is 9.5% compounded quarte...

A: Given:

Q: solve the equation 4x3+9x2+2x=0

A: Given equation can be expressed as

Q: how to simplify (8/728)^2/3

A: Reduce 8/728 by 8. 

Q: i need to know how to solve for the exact solution and smaller x value and larger x value for the eq...

A: To find the exact solution of  the given equation.            x2 + x – 1 = 0

Q: The period p of a pendulum, or the time it takes for the pendulum to make one complete swing, varies...

A: Given that the period p is directly proportional to the length L and the period of the pendulum is 1...

Q: I am not sure how to answer 53 set building notation

A: Graph:

Q: Solve for the nearest hundredth 5x =44

A: Given equation is

Q: How do I answer 9?

A: Given,

Q: How do you find the distance between the pair of points (4,7) and (-3,-2)?

A: Given:Pair of points:(4, 7) and (–3, –2)

Q: Find the magnitude and direction (in degrees) of the vector. (Assume 0° ≤ θ < 360°. Round the dir...

A: Given:Vector (v) = (6, 8)

Q: I need help with question 7.a only you can ingnore that other parts f the question.

A: Given function is,

Q: Solve the system of equations. (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION.)   x  +  y  =...

A: Given:

Q: A man purchased a $22,000, 1-year term-life insurance policy for $400. Assuming that the probability...

A: Formula used:

Q: The current (I) in a wire varies directly as the voltage (v) and inversely as the resistance (r). If...

A: The current (I) in a wire varies directly as the voltage (v) and inversely as the resistance (r). If...

Q: Solve the equ ati on by expressing each si de as a pow er of the same base and then equating exponen...

A: Solve the equatione(x+10)=1/e3

Q: For a portion of the Green River in Utah, the rate of the river's current is 4 mph. A tour guide can...

A: Let ‘x’ be the rowing rate of the guide.

Q: What method do I use to solve this?

A: (a)Given,

Q: Find the inverse of the function  f(x)=e^-4x

A: Given function is  f(x) = e-4x

Q: given two vectors v m which are perpendicular. under which condition is V+W perpendicular to V-W?

A: Since vectors v and w are perpendicular so, their dot product is 0

Q: Find the accumlated value of an investment of 14,000 at 5% compounded annualy for 20 years?

A: Given amount, time and rate

Q: multiply the rational expression  8u2v / 3u+v multiplied by u+v / 12u

A: The given expression is

Q: Two​ joggers, one averaging 7 mph and one averaging 5 ​mph, start from a designated initial point. T...

A: Calculation:Time = Distance / Speed

Q: solve the following quadratic equation by factoring: 5x^2-4x-9=0

A: Given information:The given equation is shown below: 

Q: Find all zeros of the following: f(x)=x3+2x2- 10x+4 f(x)=4x3-7x2-20x+35 f(x)=x3-9x2+31x-39 f(x)= x4-...

A: Consider the given polynomial function

Q: the sum of two numbers is 7 and the difference of their squares is 21. Find the numbers.

A: Let the first number be ‘x’ and second number be ‘y’.