sketch the curve represented by the vector-valued function and give the
orientation of the curve.


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A: A mathematical quantity (physical ) is an amount or a number . The physical quantity can be any meas...

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A: Given

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A: In this we have evaluate the equation ln(cosh(11x)-sinh(11x)).  

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A: In this question we have establish each identity.

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A: Explanation of the answer is as follows

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Q: Q4/ Find the area of the region enclosed by the curves 4x2 + y = 4 and x* - y = 1.

A: A is the shaded area for which area has to found.

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A: We have to find the given series is convergent or divergent by ratio test.

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A: Given, y = 3x +5x-2 - 12 We know that, a + b + c2 = a2 + b2 + c2 + 2ab + 2bc + 2ca   

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A: Given function is f(x)=(3x-5)/(x-2)

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A: Given: ∫tt4+25dt

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A: We use L-Hospital Rule to evaluate this limit.

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A: Given: f(x)=ax2+bx To find : a and b such that f(x) has an absolute maximum at the point (1, 2).

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A: Since, we have been given that two lines are L1: (-2,-1), (1,5) and L2: (1,3) , (5,-5). Our Aim is t...

Q: 45. The speed of a racing canoe in still water varies directly as the square root of the length of t...

A: The speed of racing canoe is square root of length of the canoe. Consider the speed of canoe is s, a...

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A: Given that, fx=x2+4gx=x-2 Then we get, (a) f∘gx=fgx⇒f∘gx=fx-2⇒f∘gx=x-22+4⇒f∘gx=x-2+4⇒f∘gx=x+2 Domain...

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Q: Find the equation of the tangent line to the following curve at the given point y = cosh(x) + e3when...

A: we have to find equation of the tangent

Q: just d) please thank you

A: Given that        y = 2x/(3x+1) Here we have to find the derivative of the given function by using t...

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A: a(t)=8.10t2-3.20t

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Q: x4-a4 Iflim = (108×25), find the value of "a". X→a X-a

A: The value of a is:-

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A: Solution:Considerlet large pump=Land small pump=lthen  42L+l=14L+3l=1To find T=14L+4l  

Q: Given 25x + 9y² minor axis endpoints, and foci. 225, graph the ellipse and identify the center, vert...

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Q: Given f(x) find the average rate of change of f(x) on the interval (4, 4+ h]. Your answer will be an...

A: f(x)=1x+2f(4)=14+2=16f(4+h)=14+h+2=16+h