Find the limit. 

сO 0
о (
ждs ы Их-у)
Transcribed Image Text

сO 0 иeveeie fer о ( а H7 1ITM ждs ы Их-у) ИИ Я О о-

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A: To compute the indefinite integral.

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A: Formula:

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A: It is given that,

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A: We have to use area formula of polar coordinates with a= pi/2 and b=2pi

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A: The derivative of a cost function is called marginal cost.

Q: see attachment

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A: compute the critical points as follows.

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A: The given differential equation is,

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A: Given function

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A: Given:

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A: We need to solve the given equation for the value of x.

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A: The given integral is,

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A: The absolute error can be computed as follows.

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A: Given:

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A: The given function in terms of x and y is 

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A: Given vector function is,

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A: (d)Consider the given function:

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A: Consider the given integral:

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A: The given function is, 

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A: According to question

Q: Find the intervals on which is increasing or decreasing. Find the local maximum and minimum values...

A: Refer to the question , we have been provided with the function , f(x) = cos2x-2sinx, 0&lt;=x&lt;=2p...