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Solid ammonium chloride, NH4Cl,NH4Cl, is formed by the reaction of gaseous ammonia, NH3,NH3, and hydrogen chloride, HCl.HCl.NH3(g)+HCl(g)⟶NH4Cl(s) NH3(g)+HCl(g)⟶NH4Cl(s) 

A 5.84 g5.84 g sample of NH3NH3 gas and a 5.84 g5.84 g sample of HClHCl gas are mixed in a 0.50 L0.50 L flask at 25 ∘C.25 ∘C.

t is the pressure in atmospheres of the gas remaining in the flask? Ignore the volume of solid NH4ClNH4Cl produced by the reaction.

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Step 1


Mass of NH3 = 5.84 g

Mass of HCl = 5.84 g

Calculation for number of moles:

Chemistry homework question answer, step 1, image 1
Step 2

The balanced reaction is given as:

NH3 (g) + HCl (g) → NH4Cl (s)

Stoichiometric molar ratio of NH3 : HCl = 1 : 1

Actual molar ratio of NH3 : HCl...

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