solve equation

sin2theta = -cos2theta

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Q: how do you do this problem you are given the solution set for sin x =-1/2 it asks you to give the so...

A: It is given that

Q: Sin theta= 0.52991926Instructions are on the image*Find the 2 angles in the interval [0 degrees, 360...

A: First we take sine inverse on both sides and with the use of calculator, we find the value of theta.

Q: Please explain the solution in a clear manner, step by step.

A: Given figure is: Labelling the vertices,In any triangle, the sum of angles is 180°Also, the sum of a...

Q: graphing sine and cosine functions

A: Graph:Let the function y = sin (x)In order to sketch the graph of the sine function, use the table v...

Q: What is sec^2 81degrees - tan^2 81degrees

A: Formula used:Since  

Q: Two pulleys, one with radius 2 inches and the otherwith radius 8 inches, are connected by a belt. (S...

A: From the given information it is observed that, each time the pulley goes around and the belt was ad...

Q: Establish the Identity (csc(x)+cot(x))/(sec(x)+tan(x))=(sec(x)-tan(x))/(csc(x)-cot(x))

A: Proof:The given Trigonometric identity is (csc(x)+cot(x))/(sec(x)+tan(x))=(sec(x)-tan(x))/(csc(x)-co...

Q: Find the area of a sector with a central angle of 4.78 rad in a circle of radius 10.2 inches

A: Here given a circle with radius 10.2 inches and center angle given as 4.78 radians. The area of the ...

Q: Two angles in standard position that have same terminal side are

A: by the definition of coterminal angles