Asked Nov 9, 2019

Solve for x1 and x2 

2x1 + 4x2 = 80

3x1 + 1x2 = 60

and then when find x1 multiply by 7 

and when find x2 multiply by 9 

what is the sum of x1 and x2


Expert Answer

Step 1

Consider the equation,

2x1+4x2=80……… (1)

3x1+1x2=60……… (2)

Multiplying by 4 in equation (2) and then subtracting it from equation (1),

2x1+4x2-12x1-4x2 = 80-240

-10x1 = -160

x= -160/-10

x1 = 16

Substituting the value of x1 in equation (1),


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2x (16)+4x, 80 32 4x2 80 4x, 80-32 48 4 12

Step 2

The values of x1 and x2 are 16 and 12 respectively.

Multiplying x1 by 7, th...


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7x1 - 7x 16 112 And multiplying x2 by 9, the value can be obtained as: 9x2 9x12 = 108


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