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Q: Find a polynomial fuction f(x) of degree 3 with real coefficients that satisfies the given condition...

A: Using the factor theorem: If x = a is a zero of a polynomial P(x), then (x-a) is a factor of the pol...

Q: P = 73.5e0.0328t   (b) According to the model, when will the population of the county reach 380,000?

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Solve for x. (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION.) 3   x − 3  + 7 = 5 STEP 1:  I...

A: Given:

Q: Find a formula for the quadratic function whose graph has its vertex at (5,2) and its y-intercept at...

A: Find a formula for the quadratic function whose graph has its vertex at (5,2) and its y-intercept at...

Q: find the domain of f(x) x-12 / x(x2-16)

A: Numerator is a polynomial which is well defined for all real numbers. To find the domain we need to ...

Q: To raise money, a school is sponsoring a magazine subscription drive. By visiting 90 homes in the ne...

A: Given: By visiting 90 homes in the neighborhood, one student was able to sell $375 worth of subscrip...

Q: I'm working on rational equations and hvaing a difficult time finding out how to find what X does no...

A: The rational equation is in the form of

Q: I need help with this problem

A: To determine the number of students in the class.

Q: Dividing complexs factoring

A: Given:

Q: how to simplify (8/728)^2/3

A: Reduce 8/728 by 8. 

Q: Find the solution set: 3n2(n2-3)=80-8n2

A: Given:

Q: Number 20 I'm not sure how far do I go to completely factor out

A: Given:

Q: Need help on 52

A: Distance between earth and sun is 93,000,000 miles and speed of light is 186000 miles per second .

Q: Use properties of logarithms to evaluate without using a calculator. 15 log8(2) +  log8(64) 3 ...

A: To evaluate the given equation

Q: (x3-2x2-8x-5) (x+ 1) (X3-2x2-8x-5)+(x+1)= +; x1 Simplify your answers. Do not factor.)

A: Simplify the given expression by long division method.

Q: Need help on 30

A: Given:(4 kilograms)x(2.2 pounds per kilogram)x(16 ounces per pound)

Q: Add or subtract. Assume all variables represent positive real numbers. 5) 27-9 75+4/48 1

A: Given:

Q: Solve for y 2y2-3y-13=(y+1)2

A: Solve for y

Q: Convert the equation to rectangular form: r=2cscΘ cos2Θ=1

A: Consider the provided equations:

Q: Give a formula for the function illustrated using a vertical shift and reflection of an exponential ...

A: Given,Two points on the graph A=(−1,51) and B=(1,3) and a horizontal line y=1

Q: Practice question 5.3

A: Graph the following functions based on f(x)=|x|G(x)=|x-1|+1H(x)=|x+3|-2

Q: Solve the following system by the substitution method. =x2- 64 -3y x-8

A: Given system of equations is

Q: two numbers when multiplied equals 36. if one number is x and the other number is greater than x by ...

A: Given x be a one number and other number is greater than x by 5 and the product of two number is 36.

Q: Katya measured the growth of a plant seedling. The seedling grew 1/3 inch by the end of the first we...

A: It is given that,The growth of plant in 1st week is 1/3 inch andThe growth of plant in another week ...

Q: Simplify assume no division by 0. (uv2)4

A: The given expression is,

Q: Step by step how to solve 4(2^x+2^-x)=17

A: Given,

Q: For each equation, factor completely and find the horizontal intercepts ( x-intercepts, zeros).  f(x...

A: Given thaty = f(x) = x2 + x – 20          …(1)

Q: To borrow​ money, you pawn your guitar. Based on the value of the​ guitar, the pawnbroker loans you ...

A: Given:To borrow​ money, you pawn your guitar. Based on the value of the​ guitar, the pawnbroker loan...

Q: x/x+9 + 2/x-4 = -2x+99/x2 +5x-36

A: The given equation is

Q: factor 49z2-64x2

A: Given expression is 

Q: Number 33

A: Each batch of cookies uses 2.5 pounds of flour. 18 batches of cookies  uses 2.5*18=45 pounds of flou...

Q: What is 20times 600

A: 20 times of 600 is,

Q: A company that produces cellular phones analyzes its production and finds that the profit P (in doll...

A: Given:Profit Function:

Q: how much money should be deposited today in an account that earns 4.8% interest so that it will accu...

A: Formula:

Q: Identify the expression that is not equivalent to the others x-2+3x , 4(x-2) , -2+7x-3x , 4x-2

A: We have to simplify each expression.x-2+3x= 4x-2 (combined x+3x=4x)4(x-2) = 4x-8 (distributed 4)

Q: Need help on 15

A: Let x and y be the number of arithmetic and algebraic problems in math test respectively.

Q: Put the function into factored form with integer coefficients and then identify any horizontal inter...

A: Write the function in factored form.

Q: Multiply the rational expression  4x * 7/12x

A: Click to see the answer

Q: (1/64)3n x 8 =26

A: Formula:

Q: find the inverse if the function is one-to-one {(18,1),(-19,-7),(16,6)}

A: Given function is  {(18,1),(-19,-7),(16,6)}.If the function is one-to-one then there exist the inver...

Q: Two numbers when multiplied equals 36. If one number is x and the other number is greater than x by...

A: Given informationOne number is x and other number is greater than x by 5