Solve the equation for x to 3 places:

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A: Plese see the typical right circular cone on the white board.Pythagoras theorem results into: r2 + h...

Q: Find the volume of the solid created by rotating the region bounded by y = sinh x, y = cosh x, x = 0...

A: Sketch of the region:

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A: To determine the length of piece bent into the shape of an equilateral and a circle.

Q: Can I get help with this problem step by step?

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A: Consider the given information:

Q: -32-9 9-4 2. Consider the following function f: r2 r< 1 f (x) = Find lim,1-f (x) (a) (b) Find lim,1+...

A: The given function is,

Q: Differentiate

A: We’ll answer the first question since the exact one wasn’t specified. Please submit a new question s...

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A: Given equation is

Q: Refer to the figure below. 11 9 18 (a) Find the angle opposite the longest side. (Round your answer ...

A: Given triangle is

Q: f(5+h)-f(5) Let f(x)= x2-25. Simplify or evaluate the expression

A: Given:

Q: Please answer question a, d, e, for this function:    f(x) = 1 + (1/x) - (1/x^2)

A: The given function is

Q: Find the equation of the tangent line to the curve at the given point.

A: To find the tangent at the given point on the curve, using derivatives

Q: find the absolute extrema for f(x) = x^2/3 (2-x) on [-1,2]    please show all work

A: To calculate the critical  extreme values for the given function over the given interval

Q: Can you help with this problem step by step?

A: Given: -

Q: For the pair of functions, find the derivative of the composite function f(t(x) in terms of one inpu...

A: Given,

Q: see attachment

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Q: Use the definition if the derivative to find dy/dx for the function y=1+×/3x

A: To determine the derivative of given function by using the definition.

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A: Given:A rectangle is constructed with its base on the diameter of a semicircle with radius 5 and its...

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A: The equation for a third-degree polynomial is,

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A: If P is the principal invested at a continuously compounded rate of r over time period t, the the ma...

Q: Evaluate the integral -2t sin(-3t) dt Note: Use an upper-case "C" for the constant of integration.

A: Given Integral;

Q: Find a rectangular-coordinate equation for the curve by eliminating the parameter. x = sin2(t), y = ...

A: Given parametric equation is

Q: Which of the following functions are solutions of the differential equation y′′−9y′+18y=0?A. y(x)=e3...

A: The given differential equation is,

Q: see attachment

A: For the polar coordinates,

Q: Can you help with this problem step by step?

A: Given function is

Q: A cylindrical drill with radius 2 is used to bore a hole through the center of a sphere of radius 6....

A: This can be solved with Cylindrical Shells.With radius = x, from 2 to 5.And height = 2y , where y= s...

Q: For the composite function, identify an inside function and an outside function and write the deriva...

A: Consider the given function:

Q: Find an equation of the tangent line to the astroid at the (3√3, 1).   x2/3 + y2/3 = 4

A: Given an astroid equation find the equation of tangent at a point.

Q: see attachment

A: So the vector w is 

Q: How do you find an equation of a line given a pair of points? EX: (22,26), (4,8)

A: Finding an equation of a line by giving two points

Q: What are the coordinates used to evaluate the following problem and how are they found?

A: Given that D is a region that lies below the sphere and above a cone.

Q: Find the equation of the tangent line to the curve y=5sec(x)−10cos(x)y=5sec(x)−10cos(x) at the point...

A: To determine the equation of the tangent to the given curve in the specified form

Q: Solve for x and check your answer: ln(-x)=ln(x2-6)

A: Given:

Q: Find dy/dx

A: Given expression,

Q: dt = (c) (9+t2)3/2

A: Given:

Q: Find the area of the region enclosed by one loop of the curve. r=sin(8theta)

A: Draw the given curve as shown below.

Q: Evaluate h'(6) where h(x) f(x) g(x) given the following. f(6) 5 f'(6)2.5 g(6) 2 g'(6) 1 h'(x)

A: The function h(x) is given by,

Q: 1. Find the following limits. e3r lim 3.x е (a) (b) lim e3/(2-a) lim In(1x2 - In(1 x (c) _ (d) lim l...

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Q: Calculate dy/dx  Simplify your answer.  y = x3(8 − x2)   dy/dx=

A: Product rule: