Solve the equation or inequality x4 + x3 - 3x2 - x + 2 = 0.

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A: Since, we have to find the length of the curve over the given intervalr=2a cosθ over the interval -π...

Q: determine the general solution to thegiven differential equation y(iv) − 16y = 0.

A: Determine the generalsolution of given differential equation. yiv-16y=0

Q: Find each limit, if it exists.

A: Evaluate: 1. limx→∞ x2+2x3-12limx→∞ x2+2x2-13. limx→∞ x2+2x-1

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A: If two linear inequalities have the same slope or if they are parallel then they will not have any s...

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A: Given points are  Consider the ∆PQR  where, Then, 

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A: Given equation -1x+1y+1z-1 = 0Simplifying it for z - 1z = 1-1x-1y1z = xy-y-xxyz = xyxy-y-x          ...

Q: Finding ƒ from ƒ′ Sketch the graph of ƒ′(x) = 2. Then sketchthree possible graphs of ƒ

A: Given: y'=f'x=2 for finding fx, we integrate f'x so, fx=∫f'xdx=∫2dx=2x+c                            ...