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Solve the following problem with Excel Solver: (Round your answers to the nearest whole number.)

Minimize Z= 2A + 4B.
4A + 6B ≥120
2A + 6B≥72
B ≥ 10

Decision for A

Decision for B

Total cost $

Resources Used




Expert Answer

Step 1

Solve the problem:


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A с D 1Minimize Z 2A+4B Resource A Resource B Resource C 2 4А+6B 120 2A+6B 72 4 в 10 6 A 15 7 B 10 8 Total profit (Z) 70 9 Resource used 10 11 Resource A 120 90 12 Resource B 13 Resource C 10 AIAA A

Step 2

Formulae to solve the prob...


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А В C 1 Minimize Z 2A+4B 120 72 10 2 4А+6B Resource A 2А+6B Resource B 4 В Resource C 5 15 10 8 Total profit (Z)2*B6+4*B7 6 A 7 B Resource used 10 - 4*B6+6*B7 - 2*B6+6*B7 EB7 11 Resource A 12 Resource B 13 Resource C AIAAA t


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