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Solve the initial value problem using the method of undetermined coefficients.

y"+4y'+4y=(3+x)e-2x, y(0)=2, y'(0)=5


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Step 1

Consider the given initial value problem:

y"+4y4y(3 x)e*
y(0)2. y'(0) 5

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y"+4y4y(3 x)e* y(0)2. y'(0) 5

Step 2

First we will find the solution corresponding to the homogenous equation:


corresponding auxillary equation is:

2+4 +4 0
(r2) = 0
r -2-2

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2+4 +4 0 (r2) = 0 r -2-2

Step 3

Thus, homogenous s...

У, 3 (q +сх)е*

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-2х У, 3 (q +сх)е*


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