Applying the Concepts and Skills
For Exercises,
a. compute SST, SSR, and SSE, using Formula on page 641.
b. compute the coefficient of determination, r2.
c. determine the percentage of variation in the observed values of the response variable explained by the regression, and interpret your answer.
d. state how useful the regression equation appears to be for making predictions.
Computing Formulas for the Sums of Squares
The computing formulas for the three sums of squares are
Crown-Rump Length. Following are the data on age and crown-rump length for fetuses from Exercise 14.62.

x 10 10 13 13 18.0 19 19 23 25 28
y 66 66 108 106 161 166 177 228 235 280
SST = Ey? – (Ey,)/n, SSR =
[Σxy- (Σx)(Σγ)/ n7?
Σ- ΣxF/
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SST = Ey? – (Ey,)/n, SSR = [Σxy- (Σx)(Σγ)/ n7? Σ- ΣxF/ %3D