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Standard deviation is an indication of the...a. precision of one measurementb. accuracy of one measurement.c. precision of repeated measurements.


Standard deviation is an indication of the...

a. precision of one measurement
b. accuracy of one measurement.
c. precision of repeated measurements.
Step 1

Standard deviation:

a number which is used to inform how measurements for a group are spread out from the mean value is called standard deviation.

if most of the numbers are close to the mean value, the standard deviation will be low and if the numbers are more spread out standard deviation will be high.


precision means how close is the value from the previously measured value of any measurement.precision does not refer to the true value.


the measured value which is close to the exact value is called accuracy

Step 2

from the above definitions, it is evident that standard deviation is the deviation of a group of measurements from their mean value and also the precision tells how close a particular measurement is fro...

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