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State the function of the following structures:
 Bowman’s capsule:
 collecting duct:

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Step 1

Function of glomerulus, Bowman’s capsule, and collecting duct is described below:

Step 2

Glomerulus: It is a network of blood capillaries known as tuft. Found at the beginning of a nephron in kidney. It acts as the first step in the process of blood filtration carried out by nephron in the formation of urine. Glomerulus filter plasma to produce the glomerular filtrate that passes down the nephron tubule for the formation of urine.

Step 3

Bowman’s capsule: It is a cup like sack found at the beginning of nephron tubule in the kidney. It is also involved in the process of blood filtration to form urine. The process of blood filtration in Bowman’s capsule is known as ultrafiltration or glomerular filtration. The normal rate of filtration in Bowman’s capsule is 125 ml/min...

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