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State the function of the following structures:

vasa recta:

 peritubular capillaries:

 renal pelvis:

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Step 1

Function of vasa recta, peritubular capillaries, and renal pelvis is described below:

Step 2

Vasa recta: They are arteries coming from arcades in the mesentery of ileum and jejunum, and heading to the intestines. Vasa recta is a special type of structure found in the peritubular capillaries that runs next to (juxta) the loops of Henle. Vasa recta forms a parallel set of hairpin loops in the medulla and supplies blood to it. Vasa recta functions as an osmotic exchanger for concentration of urine.

Step 3

Peritubular capillaries: They are tiny blood vessels coming from the efferent arteriole and present alongside the nephrons. ...

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