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State the total number of quantum states available to an electron in the levels in a hydrogen atom that have energy

a.) hcRH

b.) hcRH

c.) (1/25)hcRH


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Step 1

In the above problem it is assumed that the expression for the energy of an electron in a hydrogen atom is given in magnitude form,

In general the expression for energy of an electron in a hydrogen atom in terms of the Rydberg constant RH is given by,


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-hc En R 2 n

Step 2

Here RH is the Rydberg constant, h is the plank’s constant, c is the speed of light and n  is the principal quantum number.

Assuming only the magnitude of the energy to be relevant, on comparing the above equation with the energy values given in the problem we have,

Step 3


For the given expression  for energy

n = 1

The number of states availabl...


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n-1 Energy degeneracy (21+1) = n2


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