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state whether each of the statement is true or false. Justify your answer in each case
(a) sulphuric acid is a monoprotic acid.
(b) HCL is a weak acid.
(c) methanol is a base.


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Step 1


The chemical formula of sulfuric acid is H2SO4. Hence, when a molecule of H2SO4 dissolves in an aqueous solution two H+ ions are produced as shown below.

Since each molecule generates two protons, sulfuric acid is diprotic. Therefore, the statement, “sulphuric acid is a monoprotic acid” is false.


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H,SO, (aq)= H*(aq) + HSO; (aq) HSO; (aq)=H*(aq) + SO? (aq)

Step 2


Weak acids are acids that dissociates partially into its corresponding ions in water or an aqueous solution. Whereas, strong acids completely gets dissociate into its corresponding ions.

HCl completely diss...

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