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Suggest some personal traits that you believe would be useful to a business leader today. Are these traits more valuable in some situations than in others? How do you think traits differ from strengths?


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Personal traits:

Personal traits are vital for a leader to direct the organization on the right path and lead it to success. The traits of a leader are often seen as the benchmark by the subordinates and will be seen as the way forward for an organization.

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Useful traits for a business leader today:

Decision making:

It is undoubtedly the most difficult trait necessary for every leader. A business leader must be able to make important decisions not just the easy decisions but also the tough decisions. These decisions often decide the growth or failure of an organization.


Honesty is an important trait where leaders inspire through their words and also actions. Honesty and trust are the base on which effective leadership is built.


Openness is the trait of a leader who is open to new experiences, and also explains how imaginative and insightful the individual can be. The ability ...

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