Engines One measure of the size of an automobile
engine is its “displacement,” the total volume (in liters or
cubic inches) of its cylinders. Summary statistics for sev-
eral models of new cars are shown. These displacements
were measured in cubic inches.
a) How many cars were measured?
b) Why might the mean be so much larger than the
c) Describe the center and spread of this distribution
with appropriate statistics.
d) Your neighbor is bragging about the 227-cubic-inch
engine he bought in his new car. Is that engine unusu-
ally large? Explain.
e) Are there any engines in this data set that you would
consider to be outliers? Explain.
f) Is it reasonable to expect that about 68% of car
engines measure between 88 and 266 cubic inches?
(That’s 177.289 { 88.8767.) Explain.
g) We can convert all the data from cubic inches to
cubic centimeters (cc) by multiplying by 16.4. For
example, a 200-cubic-inch engine has a displacement
of 3280 cc. How would such a conversion affect each
of the summary statistics?
Summary of Displacement
25th % tile
75th %tile
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Transcribed Image Text

Summary of Displacement Count 38 Mean 177.29 Median 148.5 StdDev 88.88 Range 275 25th % tile 105 75th %tile 231