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Suppose 8.50g of potassium acetate is dissolved in 250.mL of a 0.30 M

 aqueous solution of sodium chromate.


Calculate the final molarity of acetate anion in the solution. You can assume the volume of the solution doesn't change when the potassium acetate is dissolved in it.

Round your answer to 3 significant digits.


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Step 1

It is given that potassium acetate is dissolved into sodium chromate solution.

Volume of sodium chromate = 250 mL 

Concentration of sodium chromate = 0.30 M

Mass of potassium acetate = 8.50 g

When potassium acetate is dissolved in sodium chromates, the reaction that takes place between them is expressed by equation (1),


Image Transcriptionclose

2CH,COOK (аq) + Na,Cro (aq) -> К,СЮ,+2Na* +2CH,со 4

Step 2

Also, to calculate the concentration of acetate ion, equation (2) is considered:-

From equation (2), it is clear that 1 mole produces 1 mole of acetate ion in the solution.

Therefore, the number of moles of acetate ion = the number of moles of potassi...


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......) CH2COOK CHCOO +K+ 8.5 g n = 98.15g mol =0.086


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