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Suppose a huge scientific breakthrough doubles the output that an additional houra huge scientific breakthrough doubles the output that an additional hourof U.S. labor can produceof U.S. labor can produce. As a​ result, there is​ ______ in the U.S. production function. upward shiftan upward shift shiftno shift C.a downward shifta downward shiftThere is​ ______ in the U.S. demand for labor and​ ______ in the U.S. supply of labor.  A.a decreasea decrease​; a decreasea decrease increasean increase​; a decreasea decrease changeno change​; an increasean increase increasean increase​; no changeno change

a huge scientific breakthrough doubles the output that an additional houra huge scientific breakthrough doubles the output that an additional hour
of U.S. labor can produceof U.S. labor can produce.
As a result, there is ______ in the U.S. production function.
an upward shiftan upward shift
no shiftno shift
a downward shifta downward shift
There is ______ in the U.S. demand for labor and ______ in the U.S. supply of labor.
a decreasea decrease;
a decreasea decrease
an increasean increase;
a decreasea decrease
no changeno change;
an increasean increase
an increasean increase;
no changeno change
Step 1

Production function:

Production function depicts the relationship between the total output produced and the given inputs like capital, labor and other factors which are involved in the production process.

Step 2

Option A, upward shift.

There is an upward shift in the U.S. production function because as the production increased labor hour also increase.


Option C, No Change and increase.

There is “no change “in the U.S. demand for labor and “increas...

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