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Suppose the amount of a certain radioactive substance in a sample decays from 9.40mg to 5.40mg over a period of 7.99x103 years. Calculate the half life of the substance.Round your answer to 2 significant digits.



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Step 1

Radioactive decay is the first order decay. the formula for calculation of radioactive decay as follows:


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N(t) Ne -At -equation (1) here, N is the initial amount N(t) is the final amount is the decay cons tant t is the time

Step 2

given data,

intial amount is 9.40 mg and final amount is 5.40 mg. substut...


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N(t) Ne 5.40 mg 9.40mg xe At 5.40 mg -17.99x10) e 9.40mg -17.99x10) =0.5744 taking log on both sides logle7 log(0.5744) ")=log(0.5744) -(7.99 x 10')=-0.2407 0.03x10 years -17.99x10


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