Suppose x=4tan(theta) and the angle theta is in the first quadrant. Write algebraic expressions for cos(theta) and sin(theta)  in terms of x.

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Trigonometric Ratios

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A: Add 1 to both sides to the given equation.

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A: The given identity is,

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A: Use (a-b)^2= a^2 -2ab+ b^2 formula to expand it. With a=sin x and b=cos x

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A: Obtain the solution of the given solutions as follows.

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A: If cosA=(sqrt5)/5 with A  and tanB=3/7 with B , find cos(A+B)

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A: The given trigonometric equation is

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A: It is known that, π/3=30◦Sketch the graph of the unit circle as follows.

Q: 2sinx+square root 2=0

A: Solve for sinx. Subtract sqrt(2) then divide by 2.

Q: see attachment

A: Given equation is 

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A: We need to Solve sin 2x = sin x for 0 ≤ x < 2π.

Q: photo attached

A: The given trigonometric values are,

Q: photo attached

A: Given,

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Q: I am struggling to complete the first blank.   Thanks much.

A: Here,

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A: To determine the value of the angle.

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Q: 01 4. sin e= sin 0 - cos 0 sin

A: We will start with right side. Plug cos^2 theta= 1-sin^2 theta [ by Pythagorean identity]

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A: The given trigonometric equation is shown below.

Q: see attachment

A: To prove that

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A: Given,          The point P at an angle of 225 degrees on a circle of radius 2.7

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A: Given,

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A: Given,

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A: Given:

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A: Calculate the value for sinx and tanx where Cosx=adjacent/hypotenuse.

Q: photo attached

A: The given identity is

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A: Given,

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A: According to the given information, the figure that can be drawn is: