Asked Dec 25, 2019

Tape a picture of yourself on a bathroom mirror. Stand several
centimeters away from the mirror. Can you focus your eyes
on both the picture taped to the mirror and your image in the
mirror at the same time? So where is the image of yourself ?


Expert Answer

No, we can not focus our eyes on the photo of ours and the image of ours in the mirror at the same time. It’s because, image and photo both are at a different distance from our eyes. As you can see in the figure, image formed by a plane mirror is at equal distance from the mirror as the object is, but the image forms behind the mirror. When we stick a photo on the mirror, then to see it, we must focus our eyes on the surface of the mirror, but the image of ours in the mirror is behind the surface of the mirror, as shown in figure. So, to see the ...


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Mirror Photo Object Image


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