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Tech A says that the weight of the flywheel smoothes out the engine’s power pulses. Tech B says that the flexplate and torque converter perform this same function. Who is correct?



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Step 1

Flywheel: A flywheel is a mechanical device having higher value of moment of inertia. This high moment of inertia ensures that changes in the rotational speeds do not occur to very high levels. A flywheel stores energy due to its higher moment of inertia and releases energy at the time of requirement.

The energy stored in the flywheel is directly proportional to its mass and the square of the rotational speed.

Pilot Bushing
Clutch Disc
Pressure Plate
Crank Shaft

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Pilot Bushing Flywheel Clutch Disc Pressure Plate Crank Shaft

Step 2

The functions of the flywheel are

  1. Flywheels are used to smoothen the power output by the source of energy energy.
  2. Flywheel acts as the reservoir of the energy
  3. Flywheel delivers the energy required beyond the ability of the energy source itself. It collects the energy over time and release quickly at the time of requirement.

Thus, technician A is right that the engine power pulses are smoothen out by the weight of the flywheel. This is actually due to higher moment of inertia values.

Step 3

Flexplate and the torque convertor: A flexplate is a metal disk which is used to connect the output of the engine to the input of the torque convertor. The combination of flexplate and torque convertor is mostly used in cars equipped with automat...

Torque convertor

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Bolts Torque convertor Flexplate trESA


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