Test the equation x = y2 for symmetry and sketch the graph.

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Q: 70. Sum of Two Angles Refer to the figure. Show that a + B = y, and find tan y. 4 3.

A: Given figure:

Q: Graph the line x=−8

A: Draw a line parallel to y axis on left side of origin

Q: Sales Decay After the end of an advertisingcampaign, the daily sales of Genapet fell rapidly,with da...

A:    (a).                             S = 3200 e-0.08x  S(0) = 3200 e-0.08(0)          = $ 3200 (b).  ...

Q: a. Graph the function f (x) = 5xon the window[-5, 5] by [ -10, 30] .b. Find f (1), f (3), and f (-2)...

A: Given function, y=f(x)=5x                      ...(1)

Q: (x2 - 4) (x2 + 4) = ________  .

A: Given : x2-4x2+4

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Q: 6 2 B Given the matrices A and C = solve %3D -4 for the matrix X in the equation (A+5B) X = C.

A: The detailed solution is as follows below:

Q: Find the area A of a rectangle with length 9 centimeters and width 4 centimeters.

A: Area=length times width

Q: Convert the equation in slope intercept form to standard form Y = -3over4x + 5

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Q: Find the GCF of 240 and 152 using the Euclidean Algorithm.

A: We find Greatest Common factor here.

Q: Solve the inequality 2x2 + 5x >= 3.

A: Given: 2x2+5x≥3 To Find: To solve the given inequality

Q: Find the equation of the line. Use exact numbers. y 3= c+ 6. 8. 6+ 4+ 3- 2- 个 -9-8-7-6 -5 -4 -3 -2 1...

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Q: Let A and B be square matrices of order 2 such that |B| = 4 .What is ( AB) '

A: To see 2nd step

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Q: 2х - 3 f(x) x - 4 a. f(0) b. f(3) c. f(-4) d. f(-5) e. f(a + h) f. Why must 4 be excluded from the d...

A: Given function is f(x) = 2x-3x-4 a. f(0) f(0) = 2×0-30-4           = 0-3-4           =-3-4          ...

Q: 12 ft 7 ft 7 ft 5 ft 7 ft 7 ft 5 ft What is the surface area of the right rectangular prism,

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A: Given, fx=x3-3x2-9x+27

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A: Given: 6x5+x3+x+5x4-x3+3x2

Q: Question 29

A: According to the problem, we have

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A: Let the length of the original square be x inches. Then the length of the new square must be x+2 inc...

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A: We need to find GCF and LCM of 36 and 28 using a Venn Diagram

Q: Describe how to calculate the slope of a line passing through two points.

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A: Consider the given function: y=1001-e-0.3128-twhere,tisthetimetakeninhours.Whenthedrugconcentrationb...

Q: Find the inverse of the matri

A: We have to find the inverse of matrix

Q: The graph below shows future value of a $100 investment earning a 6% interest rate. Based on the gra...

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Q: this is a practice problem, not a graded assignment

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Sketch the graph of the equation y = x2 - 2.

A: To draw the graph of equation y=x2-2. Solution: Given equation is quadratic, so the graph will be pa...

Q: Simplify the  expression. 3-6 . 34

A: Given expression: 3-6· 34

Q: Solve in steps

A: Given; A 1:72 scale model of the F‐18 jet used by the Blue Angels is 913 in. long. To Find: Length o...

Q: (5, 1,2) (1,2, い,2. . 5)

A: Subset : A subset is a set whose elements are all members in another set. Symbol of subset '⊆' .

Q: Simplify: 3[a-3(a-3x)]

A: To see 2nd step

Q: 67-72 - Value of a Product or Sum Find the value of the prod- uct or sum. 67. 2 sin 52.5° sin 97.5° ...

A: Note: We’ll answer the first question since the exact one wasn’t specified. Please submit a new ques...

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A: Given: 1234535241

Q: mpound inequalit

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