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The catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide can be expressed as:

2H2O2(aq) → 2H2O(l) + O2(g)

Calculate the number of moles of oxygen gas produced from the completely catalyzed decomposition of 6.60 mL sample of a 3.5% solution of H2O2. The density of the 3.5% solution of H2O2 is 1.01 g/mL.


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Density = 3.5 %

Volume = 6.60 ml

Molar mass of H2...


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The balanced decomposing reaction is given below 2 Н.о, > 2 H,о + о, Two moles of H2O2 undergoes decomposition gives two moles of water and one mole of охygen. The mass can be calculated by using following formula Mass DensityxV olume Mass 3.5% x1.01g/ml x 6.6 ml Mass 0.035 x1.01g/ml x 6.6 ml Mass 0.2333 g


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