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The concentration of Mg2+ in seawater is 0.050 M. At what pH will 99% of the Mg2+ be precipitated as the hydroxide salt? (Ksp for Mg(OH)2 = 8.9 ✕ 10−12. Assume that all solutions are at 25°C.)


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Step 1

The number concentration of Mg2+ in seawater is 0.050M.

The Ksp of Mg(OH)2 is 8.9×10-12.


It is given that 99% of Mg2+ is precipitated, which means if total is 100%, than only 1% remains.

Step 2

Therefore, 99% of 0.050M concentration of Mg2+ will be,


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1 x0.052 100 =5.2x10 M

Step 3

The dissociation reaction of Mg(OH)...


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Mg* + 20H¯ Me(ОН), >


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