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The critical boundaries for a hypothesis test are z = +1.96 and -1.96. If the z-score for the sample data is z =-1.90, what is the correct statistical decision?​

Question  options:

​Reject H1
​Fail to reject H1
​Fail to reject H0
​Reject H0
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Step 1

 It is provided that,

The critical z values  are -1.96 and +1.96 respectively.

z- score is -1.90.

Step 2

Decision based on the critical value method for the two-tailed suggests that

Reject the null hypothesis (H). if | = |2l .

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Reject the null hypothesis (H). if | = |2l .

Step 3

The critical value is ±1.96 an...

-1.96 (-1.90)s|
Thus, the null hypothesis cannot be rejected

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-1.96 (-1.90)s| 1.96 Since, Thus, the null hypothesis cannot be rejected


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