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The endothermic decomposition of magnesium oxide is described in the chemical equation below.
2MgO(s)→2Mg(s) + O2(g)
∆H0= +1203 kJ
Calculate the enthalpy change (in kJ) for the combustion of 6.54 g of elemental magnesium with elemental oxygen? 

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Reaction for which the enthalpy change has to be determined is the reverse of the given reaction with known enthalpy change. Heat is required for the decomp...


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2 MgO (s) 2Mg (s)0,(g) (decomposition of MgO) AH 1203 kJ/mol 2 Mg (s)O (g) »2 MgO(s) (formation of Mg0) Hence AH for combustion of 2 mol Mg -1203 kJ/mol


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