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The femoral region is promixal or distal to the crural region?


The femoral region is promixal or distal to the crural region? 

Step 1

The anatomical region located at the upper third portion of the thigh is termed as the femoral triangle. It is a type of triangular depression formed below the lingual ligament, due to the flexion, abduction, and lateral rotation of the thigh.

In the leg, the crural region, also termed as leg region, is the section between the ankle and the knee joint.

Step 2

There are various directional terms used in human anatomy to describe the location of one body part with respect to another body part. These directional terms are anterior, posterior, inferior, medial, lateral and superior.

Superior or proximal means that a body part is located above another body part. For instance, the face is superior to the neck. While inferio...

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