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The following print code is to find out the ASCII code, character for the decimal codes,and comparison of characters. Use the ASCII chart to figure out what will be printed andverify it via Eclipse.System.out.println((int)'1');System.out.println((int)'A');System.out.println((int)'a');System.out.println((char)40);System.out.println((char)59);System.out.println((char)64);System.out.println('a' < 'b');System.out.println('a' <= 'A');System.out.println('a' == 'a');System.out.println('a' != 'b');


The following print code is to find out the ASCII code, character for the decimal codes,
and comparison of characters. Use the ASCII chart to figure out what will be printed and
verify it via Eclipse.



System.out.println('a' < 'b');
System.out.println('a' <= 'A');
System.out.println('a' == 'a');
System.out.println('a' != 'b');

Step 1

ASCII chart is shown on the board


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