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The following thermochemical equation is for the reaction of ammonium nitrate(s) to form N2O(g) and water(g). 

NH4NO3(s)-> N2O(g)+2H2O(g)         Delta H: -35.6 kJ

How many grams of NH4NO3(s) would have to react to produce 14.2kJ of energy?


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Step 1

The thermodynamic equation in which ammonium nitrate dissociates to form N2O(g) and water is shown below.


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NH,NO, (s)N,0(g)+ 2H20(g) AH 35.6 kJ

Step 2

From the above reaction 35.6 kJ of energy is being produced from one mole of ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3). The negative sign indicates that the energy is being evolved. Therefore, the number of moles ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) is required to produce 14.2 kJ of energy is calculated as shown below.


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35.6 kJ is produced 1 mol of NHNO 14.2 kJx1 mol of NH NO3 14.2 kJ is produced= 35.6 kJ 0.3988 mol of NH NO;

Step 3

The mass of ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) is cal...


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MassNHNO Number of moles = Molar massH,NO MassNHNO 80.043 g mol (Molar massHNO, = 80.043 g mol) 0.3988 mol = Mass NHNO80.043 g mol1 x0.3988 mol 31.92 g


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