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The gas in a 250. mL piston experiences a change in pressure from 1.00 atm to 4.75 atm. What is the new volume (in mL) assuming the moles of gas and temperature are held constant?


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Step 1

Given information:

Pressure of the gas at initial stage (P1) = 1.00 atm

Volume of the sample at initial stage (V1) = 250 mL

Pressure of the gas at final stage (P2) = 4.75 atm

Step 2

Bolye’s law states that the pressure of an ideal gas is inversely proportional to its volume. The expression is given as follows:


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At constant temperature P = and number of moles PV, = P,V,

Step 3

As volume is given in mL so it should be ...


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V = 250 mL 1L = 1000 mL 250 250 mL = . 1000 V, = 0.25 L


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