Asked Jan 10, 2020

The gravitational field is a vector field.Discuss briefly.


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Step 1
Physics homework question answer, step 1, image 1

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Q: A 0.110 kg body undergoes simple harmonic motion of amplitude 7.19 cm and period 0.500 s. (a) What i...

A: (a)The angular frequency of the body is,Substitute the values,


Q: The average velocity of a particle over an interval of time is either smaller than or equal to the a...

A: The expression for the average velocity is given by,


Q: Determine the acceleration of block B given in the figure

A: Draw the free body diagram of the block A, block B and the pully attached with block B.


Q: Moon is continously revolving around the Earth without falling towards it. Why?

A: Click to see the answer


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A: The motion of a particle when the particle is thrown near the earth surface, forms a curved path und...


Q: Chinawares are wrapped in straw or paper before packing. Why?

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Q: A man at the top of a tower throws an object horizontally whereas he simply drops another.Will these...

A: Yes the object will reach the Earth at the same time.


Q: Explain how a cat is able to land on its feet when thrown into air?

A: Step 1The cat uses the concepts of moment of inertia conservation. The cat rotates when it falls.


Q: While stating Boyle's law why should we use the phrase at constant temperature?

A: According to Boyle’s law at constant temperature the pressure and volume are inversely proportional....