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The library board of directors believes that at most half of all
library customers borrow ebooks, and are not willing to increase funds for ebook
borrowing. A random sample of 150 customers shows that 80 of them borrowed
ebooks. At a 5% level of significance, perform the hypothesis test.


Expert Answer

Step 1

It is given that the population proportion; P is 0.5. It is found that 80 of 150 customers borrow. The null and alternative hypotheses are given below.


Image Transcriptionclose

Н:Р-0.67 Н:Р#0.67

Step 2

Let p be the sample proportion.

The sample proportion, p is calculated below.


Image Transcriptionclose

80 150 8 15

Step 3

The test statistic is given and...


Image Transcriptionclose

(P-p) Z= Р1-р) п -0.5 15 f0.5(1-0.5) 150 0.0333 0.0408 =0.8165 Il


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