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The mass of Mars is 6.39 X 1023 kg and has a radius of 3.39 X 106 m compared to the mass of the Earth, which is 5.97 X 1024 kg and a radius of 6.371 X 10m. The gravitational acceleration on the surface of the Earth is 10 m/s2 and the surface of Mars is 3.7 m/s2. Why is the gravitational acceleration less on Mars than Earth? Show work. 


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Step 1

the expression for the gravitational acceleration for any spherical shape planet is 


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GM g

Step 2

case 1: mars

substitute the given quantities in the equation for gravitational acceleration,


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(6.674x10* m'/kg.5) (6.39x103 kg) (3.39x10 m -3.71m/s? br

Step 3

case 2:Earth

substitute the given quantities in the equ...


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(6.674x10- m /kg s (5.97x10* kg) (6.371x10 m =9.816m/s br


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