The normal boiling point of water, H2O is 100.00 °C and its Kbp value is 0.512 °C/m. Assuming complete dissociation of the electrolyte, if 13.47 grams of cobalt(II) chloride (CoCl2, 129.8 g/mol) are dissolved in 150.7 grams of water, what is the boiling point of the solution? Answer: ____ °C

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The normal boiling point of waterH2O is 100.00 °C and its Kbp value is 0.512 °C/m. 

Assuming complete dissociation of the electrolyte, if 13.47 grams of cobalt(II) chloride (CoCl2129.8 g/mol) are dissolved in 150.7 grams of water, what is the boiling point of the solution? 

Answer: ____ °C


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Step 1

The elevation in boiling point can be calculated as follows,


13.47g is converted into kilograms =0.01347kg of cobalt (II) chloride.

150.7g is converted into kilograms =0.1507kg of water.

The number of moles of cobalt (II) chloride in 1 kg of the solution is:

(129.8 g.mal0.1037 moles

Image Transcriptionclose

(13.47g) (129.8 g.mal0.1037 moles

Step 2

The molality of cobalt (II) chloride in 1kg of the solution can be calculated as:

(0.1037шо) - 0.6881 molal

Image Transcriptionclose

(0.1037шо) - 0.6881 molal (0.1507kg)

Step 3

The boiling point elevation constant of water is 0.512 oC.m/molal. Since cobalt (II) chloride dissociates into 3 ions, the Van’t Hoff factor for this compound is 3. Therefore, the boiling point elevation (ΔTb) can be calculated as follows:


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