Asked Jan 22, 2020

The number 9080000 written in scientific notation to the correct number of significant figures is?


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Step 1
Chemistry homework question answer, step 1, image 1

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Q: Generally speaking, are fatty acid molecules polar or nonpolar or both? What type of forces hold the...

A: Fatty acids consist of long hydrocarbon chain attached to carboxyl group.  Fatty acids are the struc...


Q: The reactant concentration in a second-order reaction was 0.230 M after 230 s and 4.20×10−2 M after ...

A: The rate law for a second order reaction is given below,


Q: 1.

A: A detailed mechanism for fridel-crafts alkylation of 1,4-dimethoxybenzene is given in step two.


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A: While adding the non-volatile solute into the solvent, the tendency of solvent molecule to evaporate...


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Q: The vapor pressure of a substance is measured over a range of temperatures. A plot of the natural lo...

A: Given,Slope = -3.30*103 K.


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A: Click to see the answer


Q: The density of aluminum is 2.70g/cm3. A square piece of aluminum foil, 22.01cm on a side is found to...

A: Calculate the volume of aluminum foil:


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A: Given,Mass of CuF2 = 0.058 gVolume of solution = 300 mL = 0.3 L   (1 mL = 0.001 L)Moles of CuF2 can ...